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Major Settlement in the Parish of Ladbroke

Historical Forms

  • Hlodbroc 998 Crawfviii
  • Lodbroc 1086 DB t.Hy1 Kenilworth 1535 VE
  • Lodbruke 1379 IpmR
  • Ludebroc 1232 ADi
  • Ludbroke 1567 ADv
  • Lotbroc 1235 Fees
  • Lodebrok(e) 1279 Nott 1285 FF 1315 Ipm
  • Loddebroke 1386 ADii 1412 Ch
  • Ladbrok 1320 ADiii
  • Ladbrooke 1577 ADiv
  • Ladbrooke al. Lodbrooke 1596 Recov
  • Lydbrook 1576 S 1675 Ogilby
  • Lodthweye (t. Hy 3 AD iii)


Ekwall (RN 235) notes that this is a difficult name. He says that the initial hl of the earliest form suggests Germanic origin, but it should be noted that land is spelled hland in the same charter, so that the h may be inorganic. A further trace of the first element may be found in Lodthweye (t. Hy 3 AD iii) in this parish. At present it seems unsafe to offer any explanation of this name.

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