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Early-attested site in the Parish of Morden

Historical Forms

  • Ravesbury c.1220 Merton 1512 AddCh 1555 FF
  • Ravysbury al. Ravesbury 1488 Pat
  • Rasebery 1377,1382 FF
  • Rasebury(e) 1382 ADii 1570 SewersRept
  • Ravenesbury 1473 FF
  • Ravennysbury t.Hy8 MinAcct
  • Ravisbury al. Ravensbury t.Eliz ChancP


It looks as if this may be a late burh-name with the continental personal name Raf (Ralf , Radulfus ) as first element. If so, bury may have the later manorial sense. It is in any case clear that the later spelling Ravens - is not the original one, and must be due in part to popular etymology.

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