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Major Settlement in the Parish of Pontesbury

Historical Forms

  • Langedune 1086 DB
  • Langedon' 1251-2 Fees 1271-2,91-2 Ass
  • Langedone 1291 InqMisc
  • Langedon 1364 Ch 1385 Pat
  • Longedun', Longedon' 1235-6 Fees 1421 Cl
  • Longedon' Botereus 1271-2 ForProc
  • Langesdon' 1242 Fees
  • Longesdon 1367 Cl
  • Lungedon, Lundgedon 1284-5 FA
  • Longdon 1294 InqMisc 1546 Eyton 1764 PR(L)
  • Longden 1615,1783 PR(H)


'Long hill', OE  Langandūn , one of two Sa examples of this name, which has become Langdon or Longdon in several other counties. There is a 400ft-high ridge athwart the north-south road here, which presents a smooth, whale-back profile when approached from Shrewsbury. This is a distinctive feature, as many of the nearby hills have a 'sugar-loaf' shape. VCH VIII, p.261, mistakenly says 'long valley', but it is clear from the spellings that -den only appears in the 17th-cent., and is due to a modern weakening of the final syllable, not to partial derivation from denu 'valley'.

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Major Settlement