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the Weaste fyelde

Field in the Parish of Rothwell

Historical Forms

  • the Weaste fyelde 1577 Terrier
  • the west feild 1587 Yarb 1625 Terrier
  • the westfeild 1611 Terrier
  • the west fild 1638 Terrier
  • the West feild 1679 Terrier
  • the West field 1680 MiscDon 1721 Terrier
  • The West Field 1686 Terrier
  • y e West Field l12 Alv


the Weaste fyelde 1577, the west feild 1587, 1625, the westfeild 1611, the west fild 1638, the West feild 1679, the West field 1680, The West Field 1686, y e West Field 1702, the West field 1721(v. west, feld, one of the open fields of theparish, but not named in the Enclosure Award, cf. the Easte Fyelde supra and North Fd, South Fd in(a) supra)