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glewedale ( furlonge )

Field in the Parish of Rothwell

Historical Forms

  • glewedale ( furlonge ) 1577 Terrier l12 Alv
  • Glue dale 1606 Terrier
  • glue dale 1611 Terrier
  • Gleudale 1625 Terrier
  • Glewdale 1638 Terrier 1679 Terrier
  • Glew dale 1721 Terrier


glewedale(furlonge) 1577, Glue dale 1606, glue dale 1611, Gleudale 1625, Glewdale 1638, 1679, Glew dale 1721(Dr Insley suggeststhat the first el. is perhaps the ME  surn. Gleu, a hypocoristic form of suchnames as Gleudain, Gleulouen, Gleumarocus, for which v. Feilitzen 262 n.1 andKenneth Jackson, A Historical Phonology of Breton, Dublin 1967, para. 335.1.Reaney, s.n. Glew, gives ME  examples of Gleu, Glew as a pers.n. and byname,but wrongly regards them as a derivative of OE  glēaw'wise, prudent'. Thesecond el. is probably dalr'a valley' rather than deill'a portion of land', butthe situation of the f.n. is unknown)