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Eylmer croft

Field in the Parish of Marsh Chapel

Historical Forms

  • Eylmer croft 1839 TA e13 Holywell
  • Aylmercroft 1839 TA 1839 TA
  • Ailmers toft 1595 FMap


Eylmer croft 1325+, Aylmercroft 1366*, 1408*, Ailmers toft 15952(named from thefamily of Aylmero filio Sywardi e13, Walter' fil' Hugonis fil' Ailmer ?1277+,William Ailmer 1303+ and croft, with croft apparently later replaced by toft'amessuage, a curtilage'; the ME  pers.n. Ailmer goes back to OE  Ægelmǣr, asDr Insley points out)