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Field in the Parish of Marsh Chapel

Historical Forms

  • Akebryge 1839 TA


Akebryge 1507*(perhaps'the bridge by an oak-tree', v.eik, brycg, with -bryge in a Scandinavianized form, cf. Aicdales in Fulstowf.ns.(b). The first el., however, may well be OE  āc'an oak-tree' ratherthan its Scand. cognate eik. In this case it would, as Dr John Insley pointsout, show the normal development of OE  āc in Northern dialects of ME);Appletondal 15951, 10 ac' called Appletondale 15952, the same name butreferring to a different deill from Appletondale in Fulstow f.ns.(b))