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meta camporum caburnie

Field in the Parish of Cabourne

Historical Forms

  • meta camporum caburnie c.1150 TYR
  • in campis Caborniæ Hy2 Newh
  • in campis de Kaburne Hy2 Newh
  • campis de Caborne 1445 AASR
  • apud Caybornefelde 1536 HarlCh
  • Caybornefeld ' 1537 AOMB
  • Caybornefeld 1539 LP
  • Claybournefeilde sive Caborne feilde 1609 Foster


meta camporum caburnie c1150, in campis Caborniæ l12(13), in campis de Kaburne l12(Hy4), campis de Caborne 1445, apud Caybornefelde 1536, Caybornefeld' 1537, Caybornefeld 1539,Claybournefeilde sive Caborne feilde 1609(v. feld)