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Abbey Dale Plot

Field in the Parish of Cabourne

Historical Forms

  • 1793 Yarb
  • Abbey - Dale 1638 Terrier
  • abbie dale 1654 Terrier
  • Abbey-dale 1662 Terrier
  • Abbye dale 1674 Terrier
  • Abbye daile 1686 Terrier
  • Abby daile 1697 Terrier
  • Abbot Dale 1601 Terrier 1625 Terrier
  • Abbot dale 1606 Terrier
  • Abbott the Abbot 1612 Terrier


Abbey Dale Plot 1793(a valley)(Abbey -Dale 1638, abbie dale 1654, Abbey-dale 1662, Abbye dale 1674, Abbye daile 1686,Abby daile 1697, Abbot Dale 1601, 1625, Abbot dale 1606, Abbott the Abbot(sic) 1612,cf. Abbey Close 1606 and messuagium Abbatis de Grymesby 13281; the twonames Abbey Dale and Abbot Dale seem to refer to the same piece of landand Abbey dale platt p1811 is on one slope of a valley so that dale appears infact to be for dalr. There is no real evidence to show which abbey isreferred to and it could be either Newsham Abbey or the abbey at Wellow,Grimsby)