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Major Settlement in the Parish of Stilton

Historical Forms

  • Stic(h)iltone 1086 DB
  • Stichelton 1167 P
  • Stikelton 1181 P
  • Stilton 1219 FF
  • Stileton 1227 Ass 1358 FF
  • Stig(h)elton 1227 Ass 1228 Cl
  • Stilton 1290–1360 Linc
  • Styelton, Steelton, Styltone c.1390 Linc
  • Stielton, Stelton c.1410 Linc
  • Steleton c.1420,c.1560 Linc


We may take the first element to be OE  stigel , 'stile,' hence 'farm marked by some distinctive form of stile.'

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