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Dock a Falt

Early-attested site in the Parish of Holme

Historical Forms

  • aqua Falet a.1022 KCD733 c.1200
  • Falt, nouam Falt super Witlesmare 1224 FF
  • Falthal' 1227 Ass
  • Faltestub 1286 Ass
  • Dock a Falt c.1750 Bodger'sMapofWhittleseaMere
  • Falete 1251 Ch


This lost name of a spot on the east side of Whittlesey Mere clearly contains the name of a tributary stream of that mere, named in the Saxon list of its bounds. Professor Ekwall calls attention to Falete (1251 Ch), now Fauld (St), DBFelede , which would seem to point to an OE  *fæled , a variant of falod , 'fold.' The application of such a name must remain uncertain in view of our ignorance of the topography.

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