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Early-attested site in the Parish of Winchcomb

Historical Forms

  • Throp(e) 12,13 WinchLB 1255 Ipm 1279,1290 WinchLB 1299 Ipm 1303 Pat
  • Throp(e) iuxta Wynchecumbe 1299 WinchLB
  • le Throp 1299 ib
  • la Trop 1256 Ipm
  • Yrap (sic for Þrap) 1285 FA
  • Thorp' iuxta Wynchecumbe 1287 Ass 1303 FF
  • Threp 1305 WinchLB
  • Throop 1407 Pat


From OE  þrop 'an outlying dependent farmstead', clearly a secondary settlement from Winchcomb. The location of this place has not been determined but it may have been near Sudeley as it was in the manor of Sudeley (13 WinchLB i, 325).