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Mill Hams

Field in the Parish of Woolland

Historical Forms

  • 1839 TA
  • Mylhams 1384 Prideaux
  • Mylhamys 1385 MiltRoll


Mill Hams(Mylhams 1384(e16), Mylhamys 1385(e15),cf.(le) Millie) Lane 1541, 1543, v. myln, hamm, leg, lane; the mill andthe'ham' are mentioned in 1317(Phillipus Molendinar'…teneti molendinu' aquaticu' cum ij croftis et j haym), cf. also John Haysham held a myll' e16; the stream on which the mill probably stood was R. Divelish, cf.melenbroc 833(14),'mill brook', in the Anglo-Saxon bounds of Woolland,v. brōc, which seems to refer to the small feeder of R. Divelish at the Wcorner of the par. near Crate Wood)