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Broad Aldermore, Long Aldermore

Early-attested site in the Parish of Woolland

Historical Forms

  • Alder Moor(s) 1839 TA


Broad Aldermore, Long Aldermore (ST 777064), Alder Moor (s )1839TA , cf. Brodnallers 1539Prideaux , Brode Alders , Depalders 1545Prideaux , Brode allers , Deppe allers 1550Prideaux , le Allers 1569Prideaux , Shortallere yate 1572Prideaux , Broadalders (Green Lodge ), Deep Alders (Orchd )1839TA , v. alor 'alder', mōr 'marshy ground', brād 'broad', dēop 'deep', sc(e)ort 'short', geat 'gate'.Broad and Long Aldermore, together with Chitcombe Aldermoor and Swandhill Aldermore infra , lie along the upper courses of feeders of R. Divelish, which forms the par. bdy between Woolland and Ibberton and which is referred to in the Anglo-Saxon bounds of Woolland as of alor riðeto anne aler riðe 833 (14) ShaftR (S 277), 'alder stream', v. rīð .