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Colber Crib Ho

Early-attested site in the Parish of Sturminster Newton

Historical Forms

  • Colesberie 1086 DB
  • Colesbreia Exon
  • Colbere 13 Glast m14 Ass 1244 FF 1262 Ass 1268,1288 SR 1327 Hutch3 1870
  • Colber 1308 Ipm 1839 TA
  • Colber(e) Lane 1547 Ct 1587 Hutch3
  • Colbury 1605 ib
  • Couber 1244 Ass
  • Cober (Grounds) 1795 Boswell
  • Colebere 1281 Banco 1288 Drew e14 Ass
  • Cowere 1342 GlastF
  • Coulbebere 1399 Cl
  • Colbeare Iryssh 1412 FA
  • ponte de Colbere 1288 Ass
  • Cober [Bridge] 1791 Boswell


Probably 'Cola's wood or grove', from the OE  pers.n. Cola (Feilitzen 217) and bearu. The DB and Exon forms show alternation or confusion of the pers.n. with a strong form Col (adduced for Colesborne Gl 1154) and of the second el. with burh (dat.sg. byrig ) 'fortified place'. Disregarding these same forms, the first el. could formally be col 1 'coal, charcoal' or cōl 2 'cool'. The affix Iryssh in 1412 is no doubt manorial; no family of this name has been noted in connection with this place, but the surname is well evidenced in other parts of the county (e.g. le Eyrisshe , Yreys 1327SR , le Hirissh , (le ) Yryss (c )h 1332 SR). Crib is from cribbe 'crib, manger, oxstall', cf. f.ns. infra . A bridge here (ponte de Colbere 1288Ass , Cober [Bridge]1791 Boswell) may have been on the site of Blackwater Bridge infra .