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Henning Hill

Early-attested site in the Parish of Melcombe Horsey

Historical Forms

  • Henning Hill 1811 OS
  • on heandene beorg 859 ShaftR(S334)
  • on hendune beorch 870 15 ib


Henning Hill (ST 762017), Henning Hill 1811 OS, probably to be associated with on heandene beorg 859 ?for 870 (15) ShaftR (S 334), on hendune beorch ?870 (15) ib (S 342) in the Anglo-Saxon bounds of Cheselbourne supra , from hēah (wk.obl. hēan ) 'high' and dūn 'down, hill' with beorg 'hill, barrow'; -dene in the first form is probably an error for -dune . The modern Henning probably represents the original hēandūne ; an alternative modern form of the same name may survive in the TA f.n. Hinton Corner in Cheselbourne par. supra . It is interesting to note that another 600′ hill just a mile or so to the W is called Highdon, a name identical in meaning with Henning though different in the form of the adjective and without early spellings.