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Girt Fm, Girt Goyle, Girt Lane & Girt Withy Bed

Early-attested site in the Parish of Evershot

Historical Forms

  • La Grutte 1302,1304 Banco
  • terr' voc' Gurrt 1599 Glyn
  • Gurt Farm 1811 OS 1838 TA
  • Gurt 1863 Hutch3


Girt Fm (ST 564058), Girt Goyle, Girt Lane & Girt Withy Bed, La Grutte 1302, 1304 Banco, terr ' voc ' Gurrt 1599Glyn , Gurt Farm 1811 OS, 1838TA , Gurt 1863 Hutch3, cf. John atte Grutte 1327, John atte Grute 1332 SR (taxed in Frome St Q.), John atte Gruite (sic)1340 NI, Gurt Alder Moor 1838TA , 'the stony soil or land', from an OE  *grytte, with later metathesis of r , cf. 1237, 3 235 for other medieval occurrences of this el., v. also goyle 'ravine'.