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Wine Street Flg

Field in the Parish of Dorchester St Peter & All Saints

Historical Forms

  • 1841 TA
  • terr ' apud Twunestret 1333 Ilch
  • Twynstrete 1345 Rent
  • Twynnysthrede 1483 Ct
  • Wynstreete furlonge 1615 DuCo


WineStreet Flg(terr' apud Twunestret 1333, Twynstrete 1345, Twynnysthrede 1483, Wynstreete furlonge 1615,'(land) between the streets', v. betwēonan,strǣt, cf. Tweenaways D 518; it lies in the angle of Weymouth Rd andHerringston Rd both supra)) Winsors(Gore Flg)(cf. Windesores cross furlonge 1615, Roger Wyndesor 1381, v. gāra, cross'lying across')