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Rasseboth '

Field in the Parish of Stockport

Historical Forms

  • Rasseboth ' 1286 Eyre
  • Rasseboutham 1428 ChRR
  • Rasshebotham 1480 Adl


Rasseboth' 1286 Eyre(p)(Court 221 reads Rasseboth), Rasseboutham 1428 ChRR,Rasshebotham 1480 Adl(perhaps'level valley-bottom', from boðm and ME(NWMidl) rasse, as in'a rasse bi a rokke' Sir Gawayn 1570, and'a rasse ofa rock' Cleanness 446, for'a level space beside a rock' and'a level part, ortop, of a rock'; but Professor Löfvenberg suggests that the first el. may beOE(Nb) ræsc(WRY 7 234), ModEdial.  rash, the NCy variant of OE  risc,ModE  rush,'a rush, a rush-bed', as in Thickrush, Rash, WRY 6 238, 258,cf. Cu 489 s.v. rysc, and Rash, Wellrash, Cu 270. A surname formed from thisp.n. appears in Rassbotham St. in Stalybridge La)

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